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(Auction Wizard Team)
11/25/15 10:04 AM
Auction Wizard 2000 Version 2.5 (11/25/15) [re: ]  

Auction Wizard 2000 Version 2.5 has been released.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The installer for Version 2.5 of Auction Wizard 2000 modifies the structure of your database. We strongly recommend that you make a full backup of your Auction Wizard 2000 database before installing it. The installer will prompt you to make a backup of your database during the installation process.

After you have installed Version 2.5 of Auction Wizard 2000 you will have to re-authorize each of your Auction Profiles to interact with eBay. The authorization process is initiated automatically the first time an eBay-related function is performed for an Auction Profile (listing, updating Auction Lots, leaving feedback, etc.).

Follow these instructions to update your Auction Wizard 2000 software to Version 2.5 (Build 318) Update Level 1635:

1. Run the Auction Wizard 2000 program
2. Select Tools | Check for Program Updates... from the menu bar.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.

If you are unable to download the Auction Wizard 2000 update, or you need to update Auction Wizard 2000 on multiple computers, you can update your software manually. Download the update installer from this URL:

Run the installer (Aw2kU1635s.exe) to update your software.

NOTE FOR NETWORK USERS: If you have Auction Wizard 2000 configured to share data on a network, you must install it on all computers that have Auction Wizard 2000 installed, including the server. Install it on the server first. Then, install it on each of the other computers, one at a time. Auction Wizard 2000 must be closed on all computers while installing the program update.

The following changes were made in Auction Wizard 2000 Version 2.5:

1. The entire code base has been ported to the latest version of our development tools. This required that many of the underlying components be replaced. This includes the components used to display and manipulate images, the HTTP communications components, the POP3 communications components, the SMTP communications components, and the FTP communications components.

2. The Email system now supports SSL/TLS for both POP3 (incoming email) and SMTP (sending email).

3. The FTP system now supports SSL/TLS.

4. Support for themes (color schemes) has been added. There are 17 themes, including the standard Windows theme. They can be found under "File | Theme" on the Auction Wizard 2000 menu bar.

5. Colors used to display records in grids can now be defined for each main window, as well as for dialog boxes. Select "File | Window Colors..." from the Auction Wizard 2000 menu bar.

6. The storage format of images in the database has changed. Images are now stored in a lossless JPG format.

7. The "Shear" function has been removed from the Image Editor.

8. The "Brightness" and "Contrast" functions in the Image Editor have been combined into a single function.

9. All of the functions in the Image Editor have new dialog boxes.

10. You can now choose a resampling method when resizing images in the Image Editor.

11. A new mode called "Internet Direct" is now the default mode for HTTP communications. It is faster than the "WinInet" mode, which is still available.

12. Widened the Item Specifics fields on the Auction Lots window and Inventory Items window.

13. Internal changes have been made to eliminate eBay API error 518.

14. Updating all Auction Lots can only be performed once every 15 minutes, unless an error occurs.

15. Updating the Auction Lots for a specific Auction Profile can only be performed once every 15 minutes, unless an error occurs.

16. Running any of the support utilities (Database Backup Utility, Database Restore Utility, Rebuild Database Utility and Network Configuration Utility) causes Windows User Account Control (UAC) to request permission to make changes to your computer.

Thank you for your time.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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