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(Auction Wizard Team)
02/18/20 02:26 PM
AW2000 Build 331 Update Level 1665 (2/18/20) [re: ]  

An update to Auction Wizard 2000 has been released. Follow these steps to update your Auction Wizard 2000 software to Build 331 Update Level 1665:

1. Run the Auction Wizard 2000 program.
2. Select Tools | Check for Program Updates... from the menu bar.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.

If you are unable to download the Auction Wizard 2000 update, or you need to update Auction Wizard 2000 on multiple computers, you can update your software manually. Download the update installer from this URL:

Run the installer (Aw2kU1665s.exe) to update your software.

NOTE FOR NETWORK USERS: If you have Auction Wizard 2000 configured to share data on a network, you must install this program update on all computers that have Auction Wizard 2000 installed, including the server. Install it on the server first. Then, install it on each of the other computers, one at a time. Auction Wizard 2000 must be closed on all computers while installing the program update.

The following changes were made in Auction Wizard 2000 Build 331 Update Level 1665:

1. Fixed a problem with uploading to eBay Picture Services when the HTTP Mode is set to WinInet.

2. Fixed a problem in the Purge and Archive Utility that could cause an error under rare circumstances.

3. Modified the email system to use TLS v1.2 for all encrypted email communications and SASL for handling email server logins.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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