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(stranger )
12/04/10 07:07 AM
Added Charges from eBay  

As of late, I've noticed that eBay has been automatically charging for Gallery Plus fees as well as Picture Pack fee, whether or not you've signed/authorized it. These features are free in some catagories and in other you'll be charged.

I was wondering if there is a work around in Auction Wizard 2000 for this. I do know that before submitting the box for both Gallery Plus and Picture Pack need to be unchecked. But then too, that has to be done on the eBay pages before hitting SYI.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

(Carpal Tunnel)
12/13/10 06:18 AM
Re: Added Charges from eBay new [re: cds2go]  

Hi ,

If you are wanting to use the Free picture gallery only,, try grouping listings by category when Queueing..

Meaning, only queue Auction lots for listing that qualify for the free gallery, enable the option and list,

Then go back and queue the other lots and disable the option in the lister.

The other option is to create an Auction profile for Items that fit into the free gallery..And move Auction lots to that profile. That way the Lister is setup to add the free gallery picture.. And the other profiles you have, the Lister can be configured not to upload the gallery picture.

We use multiple profiles to manage listings.. Easier than trying to remember to enable or disable a setting.

Just a couple of things to consider

Judy Oglesby

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