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(stranger )
11/14/11 09:56 PM

If I relist using grid , does it automatically delete the Ebay dates and numbers and list on the same lot number. I am trying to be able to mass list when Ebay does another Free day.

(Carpal Tunnel)
11/15/11 07:39 AM
Re: Grid new [re: cryque]  


I am not sure I am following you so let me try to hit the highlights of the Grid View

Auction lots can be queued (or unqueued) en masse using Grid view. There are numerous functions actually available in the Grid view.. .Queueing auction lots en masse is just one of those functions

The dates and auction numbers never have be to deleted or erased manually from any Auction lot. When listing AW2000 will automatically retrieve the new Start date and the new Auction item number and store both pieces of information for you on the auction lot.. So nothing to do manually. All done automatically for you.

I hope that helps

Judy Oglesby

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