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11/21/03 10:06 AM
Pictures not being removed after 7 days  

Hi, I just went to my webpage where my AW2k uploads my pics to check on my usage and thought it was really high so I checked under my AWK2 file and all my pics are still there from when I started listing in April.

Under "file/program options/uploaded images", I chose to have the pictures removed 7 days after auction close, so I was under the impression that these pictures would be automatically deleted after 7 days. Am I the pictures have to be manually deleted? Thanks if anyone knows.

(Auction Wizard Team)
11/21/03 12:29 PM
Re: Pictures not being removed after 7 days new [re: gnp]  

Auction Wizard 2000 automatically removes old images from your web space when new images are uploaded. If your images are not getting removed from your web space, then your web space has gotten out of sync with your Auction Wizard 2000 database. You need to resynchronize them. Here's how:

1. Use an FTP client such as WS_FTP or CuteFTP to connect to your web space.

2. Navigate into the "aw2k" directory.

3. Delete all files named "LotImg###.jpg" (where ### is a number). Be careful not to delete any other files.

4. Delete the file named "datestamp.html".

5. Close your FTP client.

Next, you need to re-upload the images for all of your "On Line" Auction Lots. Here's how:

1. Make sure you don't have any Auction Lots with a Status of "Queued For Listing", because that will complicate matters. If you have any Auction Lots with that Status, change them to "Off Line", "Never Listed" or "Hold".

2. Change the Status of all Auction Lots that are currently "On Line" to "Queued For Listing". You can change the Status of multiple Auction Lots simultaneously from the Grid View tab.

3. Initiate the listing process. Proceed through the image upload process. When you reach the listing window, click the Cancel button. Repeat this for each of your Auction Profiles until all of your images have been uploaded. Return to the Auction Lots window once all of the images have been uploaded.

4. Change the Status of all of the Auction Lots that are "Queued For Listing" back to "On Line".

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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