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(stranger )
01/14/11 06:42 AM
Ship From Multiple Locations  

I am just beginning setup with AW2K. I would like to use calculated shipping. I can't seem to find where to define the ship from location / zip. I'm sure it's obvious, but I can't seem to find it.

Also, I was wondering if it is possible to ship from multiple locations. I drop ship from different warehouses. I would like to enter the correct ship from zipcode for each inventory item. Can this be done?

(Carpal Tunnel)
01/14/11 10:13 AM
Re: Ship From Multiple Locations new [re: diydefense]  

Hi there

Thank you for posting! you bet you can setup calculated shipping.. And there are more than one way to manage what you want to do too..

Shipping options can be setup on each individual inventory item or Auction lot.. And if you create an auction lot and want to change the shipping on the lot, that can be done too..

You can also create default shipping in the Auction profiles and not have to worry about adding the shipping on each Auction lot or inventory item as if the shipping is configured on the Auction profile, when you create an Auction lot for that profile, the shipping auto=populates for you

So now that I have you totally wondering how it is done

To configure the shipping on an Inventory item or Auction lot, click "Shipping options' Open on the Auction lot

On an Inventory Item you click open Categories, shipping options and item specific'.

Then click "Define Shipping options for this auction site"

That will show three different options..
one not to define.
one for flat rate
one for calculated.

Click open the Calculated shipping and complete the fields.

Now the zipcode issue is going to mean you need different Auction profiles.. not a big deal.. I think i have like 22 or someting like that. AW2000 can have umpteen profiles..

The location zip code is located on the lister page which is why i am suggesting using Auction profiles to define the zip code.. you can name the profile the zip code so you are sure to get the right zipcode for the item.

Then when you are ready to create an Auction lot from an inventory item, you click the Red hammer on the toolbar on the inventory item and select the right zip code.

Queue the Auction lot for listing. and start the listing process. After the images are uploaded, the Lister opens up, there are fields that must be completed. like paypal address, ship to locations etc.

Location is one of the tabs that must be completed and that is where the zip code is stored..

Save all options after completing all the fields in all the tabs and you can List all lots, done

let me know if you need any more help..

Happy AW2K listing.. Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder how in the world you would ever manage your online business without it..

Judy Oglesby

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