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(stranger )
03/15/13 07:58 AM
Currency [re: ]  


I'm considering purchasing a license agreement but have a couple of questions first;


I found this in FAQ
"The program will display currency amounts using the local currency format, but all values are assumed to be US Dollars."

Does that mean that only $ would appear in my listings?


"Items that are listed in currencies other than US Dollars cannot be updated or imported."

What exactly does that mean?


Does AW200 handle relisting of unsold items. and if so will it relist at the end of auction stock level?


Does it work on Windows 7

Many thanks.


(Carpal Tunnel)
04/13/13 03:22 AM
Re: Currency new [re: skidsolo]  


My I am so sorry for the late response. Threads has stopped sending out notifications again. I didn't see your post. I am very sorry.

The price the buyer sees is whatever your local currency is. So entering in 10.00 in AW2K the software presumes that is 10.00 USD not 10.00 CAD or whatever currency you have. When the auction lot is listed, the eBay site will display the price in your currency. so the price in AW2k would need to be adjusted so it is priced right for your currency.

When auctions are updated anything that was online and didn't sell will move from Online status to Offline status. The auction lots can be queued again for listing and then listed again directly from AW2K

It is recommended to use Inventory items and Stock qty to help manage inventory. If qty 5 is entered on an auction lot, when those 5 have sold, the auction lot ends so you won't oversell inventory. To me, Inventory Items is one of the best things I like. It is a very powerful part of AW2K. We use inventory items for everything even qty 1. Every single item we enter into AW2K goes into inventory items. Some reports will not work unless there is an inventory item record.

Yes Aw2K works with Windows 7. I have it installed on several Windows 7 machines and works just fine.

I hope that helps.

Judy Oglesby

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