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(stranger )
09/24/10 09:40 PM
Windows 7 Problem  

Upgraded to a new machine late last year. Intel Core 2 Quad, 4 gig, big HD, etc. Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and AW moved over just fine and has been running OK. Have a situation similar to Pmack in that I did a Windows update around 9/11 and after that AW worked OK but would not close completely. Window stays open and had to be closed with Task Manager. Program starts up again and runs OK but still won't close. Uninstalled the Windows updates but problem persists. Then tried to update to build 285 and update stalled at "Deleting old files". After this AW wouldn't start and displayed "BLOB modified" error message. Did a recover of the entire AW200 directory from last night's backup and now AW works fine and closes properly. Tried update to 285 and it went without a hitch. AW now running and closing OK.

I believe the offending Windows update is:

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2347290)

Since AW is working OK now, I'm not about to try that update again, but am curious how it could have damaged AW. Anyone run into this kind of thing? Any help appreciated.

BTW, as a side note I received the following when logging on to the forum tonight. Looks like I've been away too long.

"Your last logon was at: 07/06/02 01:08 PM"

(Carpal Tunnel)
09/25/10 03:58 PM
Re: Windows 7 Problem new [re: archimedes]  


Good to see you back

I am glad you got AW2000 running. I have experienced similar issues after installing some windows update .. And I have had a couple of real messes with anti virus updates that were not good at all. Thank goodnes forr backup !

YOu should consider reporting the issue to Aw2000 tech support .

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