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12/06/10 01:37 PM
Lost my program when HD failed  

Not sure if this is the place to post this but...

My computers Hard drive failed, kaputt, here one second, doa the next. Located my xp pro disc, installed new hard drive, installed my xp pro, got shook down by Billy Gates & the boys because it was over 7 years ago I purchased it, got that straightened out, 214 updates pluss two service packs later I think I'm back on track (Just as bad as losing your wallet!) but now am wondering how to go about re-installing aw2k. I regularly send back up files to my web storage so I have a current one, also a note pad txt file with my build number, expiration date and serial number..stuff like that.
Is there a way for me to just do it or should I go through support?

Thanks for any help.

Al Parker

12/06/10 02:44 PM
Re: Lost my program when HD failed new [re: diggerdirect]  

Please disregard the above post, after reading other posts here (which I should have done 1st,lol) I downloaded a new copy, retrieved my most recent backup, restored it, then all was good again! When I restarted aw2k it still asked me to register now or run on trial.
Luckily I had saved a copy of my renewal email within the program, which had my newest reg code!
After re-installing xp to the new drive one main snag was I have forgotten my outlook express email password (its been over 8 years) & have encountered over 20 dead ends trying to recover it, thing were looking pretty grim & still have not gotten back into OE, but once aw2k was restored I'm able to get all my email again through it! (a lifesaver!)

Al Parker

(Carpal Tunnel)
12/13/10 06:14 AM
Re: Lost my program when HD failed new [re: diggerdirect]  


That is excellent news.

Something you might consider...
Burn a DVD of the entire AW2000 folder once a month in conjunction with burning a copy of just the backup file.. If you have a hard drive issue, with the full copy of AW2K and a copy of a backup, you can have a new computer setup quickly..

All the settings including registration code will be intact in the copy of the AW2K folder.

Just a thought.

Judy Oglesby

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