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(stranger )
02/11/03 05:11 PM
Running on a windows 2000 terminal server  

Hi, I am currently running Shooting Star but I am starting to need more functionality so I have been looking at AW2K. I have been testing it on my personal computer and everything works great. For my auction business I use a server running Windows 2000 with Terminal services. This setup allows myself or my employees all to access the same files and programs no mater where we are. My partner was just on a buying trip to Mexico and was able to connect and deal with a couple of auction issues. The problem I have is this setup only allows for 256 colors and when I try and run AW2k I get a message about needing 15 bit color. If I click ok and let AW2K load it looks fine but when I go to close the program it gives me an error message and I have to use task manager to get it to close. Is there any why around this ?

05/14/03 08:59 PM
Re: Running on a windows 2000 terminal server new [re: John540i]  

Why are you only in 256 Colors? Is that for performance? Are you using the XP client to connect to the Terminal server? If not, you might want to check that out. It offers a more robust experience.

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