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10/29/11 06:41 PM
YIKES! Help please :)  

A visitor to my web site wanted to send a zip file (images) to me and it must have been HUGE! Got stuck when I was checking email, then AW "stopped responding" so I closed it. Now when I try to start AW, the starting logo comes up then I get the message "Auction Wizard 2000 has stopped working" and the only choice is to "Close Program".

When I click Close Program I get a dialogue box with "Exception... " and Corrupt Table.

Fortunately, I was able to backup (did it a week ago but didn't want to lose this past week).

I've tried rebooting my machine to no avail.

Will Restore DB or Rebuild DB work or will I need to reinstall the program?

Would rather ask before doing so I don't further mess something up.

Major thanks for any help!


10/30/11 09:09 AM
Re: Problem solved :) new [re: onlynancydrew]  

Just went ahead and did a rebuild on the database and success! My AW is working like a charm again :)


11/01/11 04:37 AM
Re: Problem solved :) new [re: onlynancydrew]  

Glad to hear you got it resolved, sorry didn't see your plea for help!
Make it a great day!

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11/01/11 05:46 AM
Re: YIKES! Help please :) new [re: onlynancydrew]  

HI Barbara

I am so sorry.. Our ISP is having equipment issues. The internet is down far more than running.

I am so glad you got it fixed.

Always remember to run a backup prior to doing a rebuild. Should the rebuild fail, a backup is needed to correct it.

Judy Oglesby

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11/01/11 06:03 AM
Re: YIKES! Help please :) new [re: bluepennylady]  

Thanks much Moonstruck and Judy :)

I did back up before rebuilding...better safe than sorry!

I tend to be totally lost without AW so, in my impatience, I decided that it couldn't hurt to try rebuilding the DB since I had my backup.

Glad it was a this program :)

Thanks again


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