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07/13/03 08:45 PM
Report - How to???  

I've been looking and haven't been able to figure out this so here I am.

Is there a way to print a report of the "waiting to ship" invoices that include the description or title of the auction as well as the buyers name?

I don't use send invoices and would like a report that would show me that information on one page to help me get my items ready for shipping.


07/14/03 10:32 AM
Re: Report - How to??? new [re: mc0624]  

Hi, there is an Invoice Summary by Auction Profile report where you can make the status Ready to Ship (found in Tools, Reports) . Or, you can try the report titled Shipping Manifest and put in the dates you are looking for - this one is more complete. Lenny

07/14/03 09:12 PM
Re: Report - How to??? new [re: chada32]  

Thank you! That is exactly what I wanted.

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