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(stranger )
08/28/03 02:10 PM

Can anyone tell me what this means...I'm getting lots of email messages similar to the one below...and yet my computer tests clean with McAfee. appears some of my emails to auction winners are bounced back to me with these messages...does this mean they are infected or am I? Here is a sample of a message I'm getting....

The servers at have reported that you
sent an E-mail to, containing the : W95/Sobig.F@mm virus in the
application.pif attachment. The subject of the E-mail was "Re: Thank you!".
The E-mail containing the virus has been quarantined to prevent further damage.

Thanks, Jeannie (McAfee doesn't pick up Sobig on my computer and I did the 'Stinger' thing to be sure.

(Auction Wizard Team)
08/29/03 10:10 AM
Re: Virus new [re: thewomenfolk]  

If your anti-virus software has the latest virus definitions and it says your computer is virus free, then the messages probably mean that someone else is infected. The Sobig virus uses entries from an infected computer's Outlook address book for the return address of email it sends. If an infected computer sent out a virused email using your email address as the return address, then you would get a message like the one described if the email was bounced by a mail server.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
09/10/03 11:09 AM
Re: Virus new [re: thewomenfolk]  

The W95/Sobig.F@mm virus has a "cute" trick. When it infects a computer and uses its address book to try and attack others, it uses one of those addresses as the "Reply To" address instead of the computer that the mail is coming from. In that way, other (uninfected) computers get the blame for being the source of the virus. Your computer is most likely clean of the virus.

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