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11/09/03 04:46 PM

I am sure that there must be others that would like to be able to apply a sliding scale to consignors....such as 25% for $0-$100, 20% $101-200, etc. This would be incredibly helpful for those that do alot of consignment selling (which is probably the fastest growing segment of Ebay at this time).



(Auction Wizard Team)
11/10/03 02:56 PM
Re: Consignors new [re: mgreene]  

Your suggestion has been added to our suggestion list.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

11/11/03 06:11 PM
Re: Consignors new [re: mgreene]  

Until it becomes a feature of the software, what I do now it create multiple consignor profiles, and name them johnsmith, johnsmith+100, etc.... then once the item sells you can change the profile based on the price and recaculate consignor fee's. Obviously involves extra steps, but its a work around.


11/13/03 03:35 PM
Re: Consignors new [re: Amy]  

Thanks, it is certainly an idea to try for now...

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