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02/09/04 07:08 PM
Shipping Calculator  

Will there soon be a feature added to AW to correspond to eBay's USPS Calculator that will allow addition of 'handling' charge, weight, size, zip code...etc......

03/12/05 10:46 AM
Re: Shipping Calculator new [re: Anonymous]  

I'm having the same question. I'm trying to add zoneanalyzer to my template and it's turning into a much BIGGER job than I had anticipated that's for sure. I think it can be done though, right now it's still a work in progress. I have the same question however, When is AW2000 going to add a rate calculator?

(stranger )
07/04/05 00:03 AM
Re: Shipping Calculator new [re: kyblueskyes]  

I know it's not what you really want, but the rate calculator script that was made available in 2002 (was it that long ago?) , when the Post Awful made Priority zone-based for anything over a pound -- that little piece of script is still in my auctions, and it still works!!! All I have to do is note the not-to-exceed weight in the description and prompt the shopper to type in that weight and their own zip code.

How many things in internet-land work for three years? And it was free!

So if you need a stop-gap until the AW rate calculator is available (if ever), this script can be viewed in the source code of my auctions (look for heavy-ish stuff). Just replace my zip code with yours, and copy/paste the script somewhere in your template code. Or, of course, I can email it to you.

tictictic on eBay

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