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04/12/05 11:37 AM
Downloading v. 2.2  

Hello, I haven't been selling on ebay since before the new version 2.2 has been released so I haven't bothered downloading it yet.

I'm planning on doing a hard drive format and was wondering if my registration code from 2.1 will work for downloading 2.2. Do I need to have 2.1 installed in order to install 2.2? I don't need to save any information from 2.1 so that's not an issue. Thanks if anyone can help.

(Auction Wizard Team)
04/12/05 02:43 PM
Re: Downloading v. 2.2 new [re: gndp]  

Your Registration Code will work with Version 2.2 of Auction Wizard 2000. You do not need to have Version 2.1 installed in order to install Version 2.2. If you upgrade from Version 2.1 by selecting Tools | Check for Program Updates... from the Auction Wizard 2000 menu bar, all of your existing data will be upgraded to work with Version 2.2.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

04/13/05 01:57 PM
Re: Downloading v. 2.2 new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Thank you :O)

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