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06/20/05 08:21 PM
datestamp.html can't download  

i can't seem to launch auctions - auction wizard gets to the downloading datestamp.html and just times out. Please advise as to how this can be fixeed? I can't ftp into my webspace and see this file. I can view this file in a browser. it doesn't appear to be a website problem. - please advise.


(Auction Wizard Team)
06/21/05 12:00 PM
Re: datestamp.html can't download new [re: globalduk]  

Please contact technical support at

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
06/24/05 06:12 PM
Re: datestamp.html can't download new [re: globalduk]  

I have had this happen now and is usually because the server has the datestamp.html file flagged as in use by another user/process...simply change the name of the file then you will be able to process your listings. It won't hurt any of your auctions currently online...

Or you can wait anywhere from a few minutes to a day for the file to be released by the server OS. It might eventually let go of it...

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