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02/28/06 02:08 AM
Delete Recently Used Fonts  

When I'm composing an auction Lot description and I want to select a different font, I have to scroll through a gazillion fonts before I get to the beginning of the alphabetized font list. The fonts stored at the top of the list are the fonts I've used recently -- like over the past 5 years, I think! I had thought deleting the FontMru.ini file was the trick, but I must have remembered this wrong, because it didn't get rid of these remembered fonts even after a reopen of AW.

Does anyone know how to get this list to refresh?


04/12/06 10:32 PM
The answer to Delete Recently Used Fonts new [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  

I was going nuts having to scroll through scores and scores of fonts I had used recently, meaning used since the last ice age! I wrote to Thom, and as usual, got a speedy reply. Turns out AW needs to be CLOSED when you delete the Fontmru.ini file to get rid of the list of recently used fonts.


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