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(stranger )
04/15/06 01:41 PM
New User, Compare SD.Inkfrog?  


I am currently using SpareDollar, which has been purchased by InkFrog.

I am looking at some options for listing management. I use custom templates, schedule listing, host images there, insert up to 12 images at no added cost and all of that is included in the price of service.

Is anyone here familiar with one of the other sites mentioned above? The SD board is jumping almost daily, so I'm a litle surprised to see no activity here. Maybe that means aeverything is going okay?

I'm interested in any known differences pro or con between this service and the others.

I'll have more questions, but wanted to test the waters here and see if anyone was around. There are quite a few people looking around, as I am.

It took my searching the Internet to find this site, and in the years I have been listing on eBay, I never knew you existed.

04/16/06 00:39 AM
Re: New User, Compare SD.Inkfrog? new [re: Buster]  

Everything is going ok.

We've existed a long time. If you run a Title and Description search on eBay using the following exact phrase (with the quotation marks), you'll see the almost 14,000 auctions listed with AW (this list doesn't include the folks who opt to omit the logo):

"Auction Wizard 2000 - The Complete Auction Management Software Solution"


(stranger )
04/16/06 03:30 AM
Re: New User, Compare SD.Inkfrog? new [re: Buster]  

Yeah, thanks. I did the ebay search and see auctions up and going.

I'm not advertising any other services, but I have to use them as a reference so that I can understand what this service offers.

I read where my pictures have to be hosted elsewhere, and have FTP capability.

I'm not sure how to handle that. I haven't had to use another site for auction pictures, and how do I set that up? Do I get my own websie, store them there? Do I use a free service, and which one, what is reliable? What is FTP? How do I make sure I find a photo storage place that will work?

I don't see a sample auction format, one where I can see what has to be entered, how shipping and payment is handled. Is there a place to see these auction template layout? Or do I download the product to get an idea for how creating auctions is handled?

Is there another place or is this the best place for asking questions. I went to one of the other discussion boards and there was little recent activity.

How long are my auctions stored here?

Adding pictures seems to be the hurdle of the moment because I'm not familiar with how that is done off site, and of course, since I don't know how to do it, it feels like a pain. Of course it is easy to have pictures stored on the auction service site, just click to insert, etc.

I'll stop for now, I do have more questions though.

And thank you very much for your response. I would like to make a decision is the next few weeks, before my next payment is do with the other service.

04/20/06 02:41 AM
Re: New User, Compare SD.Inkfrog? new [re: Buster]  

I think if you run a Google search on something like FTP "image host", you'll find some sites.

Once you have a host set up, you just type in your user name, password, and so on in AW (File:FTP Accounts). It can be a little tricky getting the settings right, but you can get help here or from Tech Support.

Using a host's web space to "park" your images isn't quite the same as having a web site. Most people wouldn't want all their eBay pics available for their web site visitors to view. As an example, I use (very, very reliable). Costs about $5 a month when paid a year in advance. That's for their basic FTP account. I get plenty of space for all my eBay pics, with room left over for personal photo albums, and so on. I also get several mail boxes, one of which I use to forward eBay email to AW's mail box (because I like to keep my auction email separate from all my other email, but there are folks who use AW for all their email).

You can see "samples" of auction formats created with AW by looking on eBay, like I mentioned earlier. I guess you already took a look.

And yes, you should just download the product. It's the full version, and I believe you can use it for 60 days before you need to pay.

There is another AW forum at, but lately, it has been less active than it used to be, but the people are very helpful when they do stop in to check new posts.

Not sure what you mean by "How long are my auctions stored here?" Here, as in HERE, on the AW web site?? Nothing of your auctions is stored here. That's one huge advantage to using 3rd-party software. All your data -- all your templates, descriptions, email exchanges with buyers -- all of it is on your own computer. If eBay crashes or just has some sort of glitch, you still have all your data. And of course, if you are using an auction-listing service that stores your data online, and they go kaput, all your data is gone. But maybe that wasn't the thrust of your question.

Once you sign up with a picture host, you'll find that you can add images just as easily with AW -- you just click a button and browse for your photos on your hard drive (and you can use Shift-Click to select and add multiple images very quickly). No limit to how many you can add, no cost per-image (unless your image host has restrictions, but most don't; doesn't).

Download the program and give yourself a couple days to play with it. List a single auction, maybe a 3-day, something that will sell for sure, and then you can follow the process all the way through with email templates you've customized.


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