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04/20/06 10:30 PM
Selling manager Pro  

We are currently evaluating Auction Wizard for our business. We are currently using SMP and TL on Ebay. My partner does all of the shipping form another computer. Would the info show in Auction Wizard if he printed shipping labels from Paypal or through SMP?



(stranger )
04/29/06 06:36 PM
Re: Selling manager Pro new [re: Anonymous]  

Hi, Chris,

I apologize for someone not responding sooner. I absolutely missed your post. I am very sorry.

You are making a good business decision to use Auction Wizard 2000 to run your Online business. I also used SP and Turbo Lister as well as over 25 other programs when I started looking for an Auction management software to run my business. The tech support for eBay's tools is poor, the error rate is high, managment capabilites are quite limited, most of the software is web-based and scalability is limited. To top everything off, the cost of the other tools is prohibitive.

Let me see if I can be of assistance. You can import your online auctions from ebay into AW2000 and begin managing your auctions immediately. Every aspect from Inventory management to invoicing. And I would highly recommend to refrain from using TL or SMP in conjunction with AW2000. I tried it. Really became complicated.

What information is it that you are wanting to "show" in AW2000? Do you mean the name and address?

I do not use Paypal for printing shipping labels. I use Endicia because they offer Stealth (hidden) postage for any shipping class. However, the procedure for storing names, address, payment and shipping method for either service is identical. The information can be extracted from Paypal payments and auto stored into AW2000 once a payment is "associated" with the correct invoice. The function is quick and easy. Highlight and click on the extract tool.

As far as the information appearing in AW2000 on your partner's computer. Are you on a network? If so, then networking AW2000 together shares a single database. I have a network of 7 computers not including the server. All information entered appears on all workstations.

You will discover using AW2000 that you can manage far more auctions in much less time. And when I say manage auctions, I am also referring to the invoicing process as well. You also have the ability to create an invoice for anyone and add product(s) to the buyers invoice. So if a buyer wins item x and wants 4 more, it is easily done.

I hope that helps you a bit. Please don't hesitate to post should you have any further questions.


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