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(stranger )
09/21/06 07:48 AM
Help ... Update not working  

I tried to post an auction and it failed ... checked for new version and am trying to update but Installer just hangs at the checking for previously installed components screen??????

Please help!!!

Discount Vials

09/21/06 10:04 AM
Re: Help ... Update not working new [re: discountvials]  


Have you stopped the Installer when it is looking for new components? Sometimes it feels as if it is taking forever. Then it will continue to install.

If you have aborted the installation, scan your hard drive for errors and restart your computer.

Then run AW2000, go to Tools | check for program updates. See if the Installer will now run.

Let me know


09/27/06 05:42 AM
Re: Help ... Update not working new [re: bluepennylady]  


I am so sorry, I completely forgot to get back with you about the Installer freezing up. I was gone to St Louis for a couple of days with my sister when you posted. My mind was not working on all 8 cylinders. I really am very sorry.

did you get the installer to work for you??


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