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(stranger )
09/15/02 04:30 AM

After running Aw2k for a couple of weeks (and finally getting some closing auctions) I have a suggestion for the program.

Automatic updating

Let the user decide a schedule (every X minutes) to update all open lots. This could then perform a couple of extra steps if they're needed. I think each automatic step should be optional whether they run or not.

1 - Send contact e-mail
2 - Update websites

Aw2k would have to be able to auto-dial if the user is on dial-up and isn't there when the update is scheduled to fire.

Another way to go about this would be to leave the current system alone, but if Aw2k finds an auction that has ended then automatically go to the 'Update Websites' screen (or at least put a button on the results from the 'Update Auction Lots' that is enabled only if lots have ended.


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