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(stranger )
08/22/07 02:49 PM
Re: WEBSITE new [re: bluepennylady]  

Hey, I think I got it. I just posted two items on eBay and then I put the link in to my auctions. You can check it out at and see what you think. I still have to tweak my website a little. I noticed even though I checked it as thumbnail, I get a couple of the pictures, plus a lot of verbage. Now maybe if I have more auctions up then two it might come up like yours. I still have to keep playing with it.

Also, I am hosting with Yahoo and have been using their site builder program. But I do have the option of using FrontPage so I'll play around with that. Would like to get my website and my auction page looking similar. But I don't want to copy your theme from FrontPage.

Judy, I do want to thank you for all your help. As I play around with the templates, etc. it all makes sense. I'm one of those that have to figure out why and how it does it.

Well, I won't be around again tomorrow. I'm off to a Green Bay Packer game. My first, and probably, last one. But I'll be back working on all of this next week.

Judy, thanks again for your help. I'll be checking with you to see about custominzing an invoice after I get the website set up. I want to add a Thank you note to the invoice and last time I owned the program I never could the note added. One thing at a time.

Have a GREAT week!


08/22/07 03:16 PM
Re: WEBSITE new [re: auctions1329]  


Excellent! I am so glad that everything is making sense to you. You are so every welcome!

Your website looks very nice. In order to display only one thumbnail, go to Tools | HTML template manager. Find the website thumbnail template you are using. Click on Edit.

Click on "Page Body"

In the lower part you will see an option for changing how many thumbnails you want to display for each page. Change it from two to one and Save.

If you want your thumbnail page to look like your Auction template, Go to Tools | HTML template manager. find your listing template and click Edit.

Locate the background color you are using and write down the saturate hue etc.

Then go back to your thumbnail page and change the colors to match your Listing templates.

See if that helps.

Have a great evening.


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