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(stranger )
02/07/08 07:44 PM
We need ability to host Aw2k database on web server  

I am serious about that we need the ability to host the Aw2k data on web serve. Even if it means switching from the Paradox engine to SQL or even MySQL.

Or at minimum setup the connection strings to access the paradox database and it's tables over http.

But for us and our needs we have reached the limit of just how useful is for us. We are fine volume wise but it's a PITA to access either over VPN or our local network. It becomes especially difficult when traveling and working on eBay stuff. While not impossible, the current technology is almost a decade old now...we need a real database not the web-ignorant Paradox database engine.

I know this is a lot of recoding of the data calls but if standard SQL access is being used then it's more a matter of the us on the customer end having the proper SQL Server license. I happen to have several.

And given the fact MySQL is also an option it could and should be done.

Also, I fully know I can setup a VPN or use NetBIOS to access the database on my server here by just pointing the config to that IP addy and what not...bit I do not want to work that hard.

Guess I am a tiny bit frustrated that we haven't seen more progress in this direction...yet...

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