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01/22/03 03:29 PM
Viruses anyone??  

Have been receiving several virus notices from McAffee that are all in AW2000 Attachments folder - Anyone else haveing the same problem? What can we do about this?

(Auction Wizard Team)
01/23/03 11:14 AM
Re: Viruses anyone?? new [re: chada32]  

The "C:\Aw2000Attachments" folder is where Auction Wizard 2000 stores incoming email attachments. If you are getting virus warnings for files in that folder, then you have received email messages with attachments that contain viruses. You should have your anti virus software identify and deal with the infected files.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
07/02/03 01:05 PM
Re: Viruses anyone?? new [re: chada32]  

I hope this may help you... I had the same issue a few months back. I found that AW2000 did not download the file at all (thank goodness) and it was still on my ISPs server. I had to go into my ISPs email and delete the original email to eliminate the errors I received. I hope this helps, I currently use McAfee for my virus protection which may make some difference (not sure).

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