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(stranger )
02/11/10 02:03 PM
Send marketing emails from AW?  

I am listing some back issue magazines that were very popular with my customers a month or so ago.
I would like to notify all my buyers of the prior magazines that I have a few more for sale.
Is there any way in AW to be able to generate an email and send it to a list of addresses?
I think I can export buyer records with email addresses and then get that list to Outlook and create my email there.
Any ideas would help. It seems that having the email addresses of customers in AW is a potential goldmine for marketing your new listings.

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(Carpal Tunnel)
02/11/10 03:23 PM
Re: Send marketing emails from AW? new [re: Bob_Blaney]  


I have wondered the same exact thing. And so I asked. Right now, no. BUT I did create an email template and went through invoices queueing the email for the buyers that I wanted to notify.

Something else that I do which works very well is added a blurp on the shipping notices as well as our Feedback submitted thanks for doing business email asking the buyer if they want to be on our private email list.And explain briefly what it is.

Lots of buyers sign up... I use MailBomber for that. The messages are done in plain text or you can create fancier email messages in outlook, save the draft and import it.

I will pass the suggestion along to tech that someone else has inquired about email list management within AW2000.

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