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03/02/10 03:30 PM
Assigning Email accounts to Templates  

Here's a question -

I sell on eBay, Etsy, and Bonanzle and have set up email accounts for each.
I manage all sales through AW2K.
When sales are made on Etsy, or Bonanzle when contacting the customer from the invoice window, via "email buyer with template" the email is created and sent from my email account set up for eBay. Which happens to be the first in the list so I'm assuming that AW2k recognizes it as the default.
I have set up email templates reflecting the different venues and would like the emails to be sent from the appropriate accounts but...
I have looked but unsuccessfully to find where it is in the email template setup that you could designate a different email address to be the "from" email account.
So what am i missing?

Can it be done?

Hope i am clear, if not ask away!


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(Carpal Tunnel)
03/02/10 08:04 PM
Re: Assigning Email accounts to Templates new [re: moonstruck22]  


change the default emails in the Auction Profile settings...

Go to "File > Auction profiles"

Click on your Bonanzle Auction profile.

at the lower portion on the right hand side is where the default email templates are located

Does that help?

Judy Oglesby

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