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(stranger )
10/07/14 02:27 PM
SSL required for [re: ]  

For 13 years, I've used Pair Networks for email forwarding, image hosting, and domain parking (my email addresses for ebay and etsy are based on that domain name).

Yesterday, Pair announced they will soon require SSL authentication. Here's Thom's reply to my inquiry:

"Unfortunately, the email system in AW2000 does not support SSL/TLS.
If you have any questions, please let me know."

Short and to the point, as always.

I'm disappointed that AW2k tech support seems uninterested in providing a solution to this new wrinkle. I've been happy with the reliability of Pair Networks, and I don't want to change my email addresses.

In June 2013, Barbara (onlynancydrew) came up with a workaround that involved a program called Stunnel:

"Download stunnel ( and install it. Then it will need to be edited ( and, of course, "run" it.

In AW2000, your email account will need to be set up using POP3 host name: localhost and port 110 and SMTP host name: localhost and port 25
Your username and password will be those that you use for Gmail."

All my personal email accounts ( use Gmail servers, but the addresses I use for online sales have nothing to do with Gmail (or is that fact irrelevant?). Figuring out how to continue to use for email hosting/forwarding sounds daunting if not impossible to my old brain, so I hope some of you wizards here will provide a little guidance.


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(Carpal Tunnel)
10/22/14 10:01 AM
Re: SSL required for new [re: Same_Old_Sue]  

HI Sue

There is another thread that has info about STunnel

Take a look over there and see if that helps

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