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(stranger )
09/17/15 09:22 AM
SSL EMAIL- and INSTRUCTIONS (includes gmail) [re: ]  

These instructions are from a collaborated effort from many AW2K users and special thanks to onlynancydrew whose son suggested the "stunnel" program. This was also suggested from the PAIR network techs:


First I went onto gmail online and found "SETTINGS" on the far right under the gear looking item. In the middle is "FORWARDING and POP/IMAP" settings. You have to ENABLE POP then I selected to DELETE GMAILS COPYl after downloaded. I disabled imap. SAVE CHANGES

I downloaded stunnel 5.06 from Then I installed it. During the install - at your c-prompt it has you enter info to create a "certificate" It is kind of to identify you. Mine was: US, Texas, Azle, etc... When done installing then you run it - or start it. It automatically goes onto your taskbar notification on the bottom right of windows. If you right click on that icon then you can see configuration etc. The latest version of stunnel 5.06 has gmail as a preset example. I left it alone. Here is what it had:

Example SSL server mode services

;accept = 995
;connect = 110

;accept = 465
;connect = 25

Example SSL client mode services

client = yes
accept =
connect =

client = yes
accept =
connect =

It also has IMAP settings but I chose to use pop3 for now.

In Auction wizard I opened FILE, EMAIL ACCOUNTS, and created a new one to match my gmail account. I put for pop3 with port 110 and smtp with port 25 The SMTP AUTHENTICATION was checked and also USE POP3 USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR SMTP was also checked.

The final key in getting it to work was to find on google the final key. You must be logged in and here is a link to it:
You are enabling less secure apps to work. THAT final move was what got it all to work.

You must also remember to restart the program each time you restart your computer.

I understand that email access is one small part of AW2K and to change this portion would probably require the whole thing to be reworked and unstable. I am grateful for the great program that it is and that is it for me!

09/17/15 09:37 AM
Re: SSL EMAIL- and INSTRUCTIONS (includes gmail) new [re: ehlmann]  

Here is an example:

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