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03/03/03 05:35 PM
Using an alias e-mail address  

I have two e-mail addresses I use for eBay, (one for inquiries, one for payments; paypal etc) that both use the same user id because one of them is an alias.

I set up both e-mail addresses in AW and it creates two separate e-mail boxes. I tested it by sending an e-mail to both addresses and they both showed up in the main (non-alias) mailbox in AW.

Is this because it's an alias and both addresses use the same user id? Is there a way around this, or is that how it works with alias e-mail addys? Thanks :)

03/03/03 06:00 PM
Re: Using an alias e-mail address new [re: Anonymous]  

I might know this one...hehe.

I also use multiple email aliases, but I think the only thing that determines which AW2K mailbox it ends up in is the POP account that email setting is using. For example, my first aw2k email account goes to a pop account that takes in mail from many different addresses. Regardless of the address, all the mail is deposited in the aw2k mailbox associated with that pop account.

I think you would need to use the "filers" function to further divide up the mail (though I still don't think you can put it in another mailbox - just different folders).

Not sure if this answered you...

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