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(stranger )
11/26/07 01:47 PM
Winning bidder email  

I am setting up my new account and I am in the email templates setup part. My question is: I have listed my name and address for money order payments. I also take PayPal. Do I just mention it and leave it up to my automated PayPal email to take the payment? Im also concerned about my buyers being overwhelmed by notices coming from PayPal, Ebay and now AW2000. Should I turn some off or let them ride. I just know it would drive me crazy to get 3 and 4 of the same type of notices for everything I win. I must say I am 30 minutes into the step by step setup for this program and I feel good about it. So far. Coming from Turbo lister this feels much more professional and understandable. Thanks, Tracy

Tracy L Devrick

11/26/07 01:56 PM
Re: Winning bidder email new [re: ladytrae]  


Excellent! You are just coming right along!!

How you deal with winning bidder notifications is completely up to you. Some AW2000 users send out Paypal notices. others do not. I am one of the ones who does not send out Paypal notices. Naturally the buyer receives the End of auction from eBay as you will receive. The only emails a buyer receives is the End of Auction from eBay and then the emails I send from AW2000. And there are several reasons I have elected to manage my auctions as I do. I will be happy to share those reasons if you are interested.

Now back on track --- if you are offering calculated or Flat rate shipping, I suggest you simply wait a bit after the auction ends. You will find your buyers will use the eBay shipping calculator to obtain their shipping charges at the eBay Checkout level. And they will submit payment immediately after winning the auction. So the first email they will receive from you will not be the "Winning bidder" notification but rather the "Payment received" and then later the "Shipping notice"

You will retrieve email in AW2000, record all the Paypal payments as well as the "I am sending xxxx" in a few days. After recording those, then you can use the "Tasks } Notify winning bidders".... for the few (if any) buyers who did not pay at the conclusion of the auction. There are days we do not send any winning bidder notification emails out as the buyer's elect to use the shipping calculator.

I hope that makes sense. IF not, let me know and I will try again.


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