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(stranger )
03/22/10 03:02 PM

My old computer wouldn't boot up so I had to have someone else move the files over. They moved them and I reinstalled AW2000 however none of my old files are there. All my settings and data are gone. When I launch AW2000 it says I have so many days left on my trial version. I am so bummed I have been using AW2000 for many years and have never had this problem. Any ideas on what to do? I can't get anything off the old PC now.

(Carpal Tunnel)
03/22/10 03:06 PM
Re: Installation new [re: zekeling1]  


Do you have your last backup of AW2K?

You need to move the entire AW2000 folder to the Root of the C Drive. Meaning you literally copy the AW2000 folder from the old computer hard drive to the C drive on the new computer. Then install a fresh copy from here at AuctionWizard 2000 download page over the top. That will give you the latest version.

What "files" did they move?

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