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(stranger )
07/29/14 05:24 PM
Images in Listing [re: ]  

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but since I'm new, I think I get one "freebie".
I was under the impression that using AW2K would place images in the body of the listing description, (ie. "images on left, images on right, etc) as described in the listing section. However, the images are indeed in the gallery, however the actual listing within the template are devoid of any of my images. Is this correct, or what am I doing wrong, and how do I correct it?

07/31/14 10:45 AM
Re: Images in Listing new [re: oeagleo]  

Do you have an image host? You will need your own image host if you want pictures in the description area of your listing. AW2000 doesn't provide image hosting, but there are many inexpensive or free image hosts..
Personally I just let Ebay host all my images now, and don't bother with images in the body of my listings anymore. It's just much simpler.

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