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03/29/02 06:02 PM
HTML use in description  

I have been a user of AW2K For over a year. It's been great. I do have a few a few request to make it even better.
Be able to enter HTML code into the description area. It can be done but it is very limited.
Next for all of us that work during the day a sell at night. Have the option to start listing when your away from the computer
Thanks for any answers

(stranger )
04/01/02 10:47 AM
Re: HTML use in description new [re: olliestoybox]  

When I need to use some HTML in the description I use Sausage Software's HotDog PageWiz to create the HTML the just cut and paste it into AW2K.

Works for me...

Gene Warner
eBay ID: genewarner

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