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(stranger )
04/09/02 09:56 AM
Don't change status until email is queued!?  

When sending end of auction invoices, I have the filter set for buyer not contacted and when I check how the email looks for accuracy, this will change the status to buyer contacted. If an error is made, the filter has to be changed to find the invoice again and re-do the email check. If the status is not changed until the eemail is actually queued, then this would save tons of time. Hope that this is taken into consideration in the near future. Lenny


04/12/02 04:53 AM
Re: Don't change status until email is queued!? new [re: Lenny]  

I don't have an answer for this -- just wanted to say it drives me nuts, too. Seems like it would be fairly simple to have the program register the email as being "sent" only when it's queued, like Lenny said. If you goof and simply close the mail before queueing it, you then have to change the filter, change the status back to Buyer Not Contacted, and then change the filter again and start over. Grrrr.

(stranger )
04/12/02 08:07 PM
Re: Don't change status until email is queued!? new [re: Soudie]  

Hello Soudie and Lenny,

When you create invoices they will be placed at the end of your invoice list, per say. You need not apply a filter to view the "Buyer Not Contacted" invoices, but rather use the navagation buttons or Page Up/Down to move through the invoices. Also after you create invoices AW2K will automatically show the first invoice it created with a status of "Buyer Not Contacted", simply move to the right for the next record (or Page Down key).

Are you using the file menus "Invoices" -> "Notify Winning Bidders...". This is a great feature to create a batch of invoices. Go through the above steps adjusting the Shipping, Insurance, taxable and any other info you want to adjust. Then go to "Invoices" -> "Notify Winning Bidders..." and AW2K will show a list of invoices with a status of "Buyer Not Contacted". Select the Email template you want to sent to each buyer and click "OK". AW2K will then generate emails for all of the listed invoices.

Hope this helps.


(stranger )
04/15/02 12:23 PM
Re: Don't change status until email is queued!? new [re: Soudie]  

Just to let you know, I found out something very interesting on this. If, instead of closing the email, which changes the status, you shrink it down by clicking the - button, then you can generate another invoice and queu that email. Click on the button that has the other email and close it. That works great. Lenny


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