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04/23/02 10:50 AM
Bug and wish list  

First off: Wonderful piece of work. I love your product.

Some things that would make it even better and make it stand apart from similiar tools.

a. Add a revise listing option. (This one would be my #1 request)
There is no way to revise a listing other than going to the auction site and doing it though them. The problem is that if you do revise the listing, the AW2k listing on
your PC is never updated.... so if you relist from AW2k you get the non revised version posted. Real Bummer and it got me several times.

b. Add a couple of user defined CALCULATED fields .
For example.
It would be nice for me to enter the weight in a field and automatically have the shipping cost computed in another field which then could be inserted into my listing.
It would be nice for me to add a handling percent that could be could be computed from the shipping cost + X percent and have it inserted into my listing.

c. A read only counter
that always lets you see how many times an item has actually been listed that is auto updated everytime an item is listed.

c. Reports
A PROFIT report
that shows you how much you spent for an item, the ebay fee (based on the number of times you listed an item), the shipping fee (based on the weight), an optional paypal fee all subtracted from the
selling price + calculated shipping fee.

A relisting report
That show how many times your item(s) have been relisted and not sold and the costs as above that are associated with them
This would help me figure out what things are not winners and let me get rid of them from the inventory or lots.

A COST report
that show the cost of all your losts broken down by the various categories like sold, off line, not sold etc.

d. Scheduling
It would be nice to be able to que seasonal items in a way that you could select all your easter, xmas, valentine etc related items at one time and list them together
something like an internal categorization of all your lots.

e. EXPORT feature (This one would be my #2 request)
an export feature that would allow me to export all the fields into an acess database or excel sheet so I could do further analysis on my lots and or inventory items.
Even a comma or tab delimited file would be helpful.

f. Relisting Bug discovered. (This one is pretty serious - I can not relist under this condition)
I noted that if I list an item in two categories, and then later list it with only 1 category, that I always get an error. You simply can not update via relisting if you change the number of categories. If you answer yes to
the see the ebay error, you are taken to the screen that is asking you for the 2d category. (something is wrong here)

Seems like a lot, I know, but these are really cool features, and will help your product take on some accounting capabilities that everyone could use. (especially me.)

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