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06/14/02 09:11 AM
Wishing HARD for this one  


I just got started with Auction Wizard 2000, having ditched E(xtortion)Bay's Seller's Assistant. One of the things I already miss (greatly) is SA's listing template "themes" style. I especially liked the ability to "load up" a particular template and then change the font styles, colors, sizes, etc. "on the fly", and the ability to add a sound file to the listing. I know that I will probably be able to manually make similar templates, but it would be great if AW2K could have something like the "listing template studio" feature of Seller's Assistant in a future release. I WILL end up buying this software before my 60 day trial expires, and I would not be opposed to paying extra for a feature like the listing template studio in Seller's Assistant. It would probably be easily programed as an add on module, much like the "megasets" for Seller's Assistant.

Any chance of something like this happening in the future?

I also read another persons wish list request for the ability to "relist". I would greatly appreciate seeing this feature added as well.

(Auction Wizard Team)
06/14/02 12:48 PM
Re: Wishing HARD for this one new [re: EGMartin]  

Auction Wizard 2000 has a complete editor for creating and modifying Listing Templates. Select Tools | HTML Template Editor... from the menu bar to open the editor.

Auction Wizard 2000 fully supports re-listing for credit on eBay. You must use the "Manual" or "Automatic" Listing Method when re-listing (eBay designed Mister Lister so that it does not support re-listing for credit). To re-list an unsold Auction Lot simply queue it for listing and list it.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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