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(stranger )
02/13/05 10:30 AM
Relisting to store and selecting shipping costs  

Ebay has an action option in the 'unsold items' list of My Ebay to select 'relist in store'.

Until now we have not used that option, but instead use the regular 'relist' manually, not through AW2K.

The reason we don't use AW2K to relist is that we relist the auction in the store withourt relisting in the auction for a second time. We want to keep the ended unsold auction listing linked to the new store listing and that won't happen through AW2K.

I would like to get the option to relist in the store through AW2K and thus keep the link that Ebay gives to the preceding unsold auction listing.

Additionally we woudl need AW2K to allow selection of the shipping cost type (now everything defaults to Ebay's 'flat rate'. The flat rate is not a good selling proposition since it downgrades teh service we offer which is only priority mail. The buyers now get the impression that we don't offer that, so to avoid that we now manually change to priority mail to avoid this. We want AW2K to allow us to list 'priority mail or any other shipping cost, either at first listing or at relisting to store.

Considering that we relist about 100 auctions a week and climbing, this would greatly increase our productivity.


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