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(stranger )
02/13/05 02:42 PM
UPDATE 2/13/05  

I guess my reply on the Announcement board got nixed. WHEN IS THE UPDATE READY????? This is ridiculous! I only have 1 day a week to list and of course it's today. Now I'm sitting here with tons of items and no way of putting them on ebay. I'm really getting disturbed w/AW2K as I have been here right from practically inception. It's getting slower and slower and my dowload updates are taking more than 20 minutes. I've asked over and over about this and have been told they are checking into it. It's almost 1 year now and still checking. AW2K is becoming more time consuming than it used to WHY????? I'm loosing money by not being able to list.

02/14/05 02:39 PM
Re: UPDATE 2/13/05 new [re: kmj]  

Don't blame the Auction Wizard folks. It isn't their fault eBay keeps changing things.

02/14/05 03:02 PM
Re: UPDATE 2/13/05 new [re: kmj]  

Downloaded update in less than 1 minute.
Installed update in 45 seconds.

The old "looking for prior versions" delay was fixed at least several updates ago (at least for me, on the Beta).

02/15/05 07:32 AM
Re: UPDATE 2/13/05 new [re: Tradeguy]  

When you say, "it's getting slower and slower" are you refering to the program? If so, it's possible you need to archive your data base to reduce the amount of information your storing in it. I do this at the end of year when done with tax preparation and helps the program speed quite a bit.

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