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(stranger )
02/19/05 01:53 PM
Check out this new Auction site  

Below is a post (reply) that I made to another post here (about possible future support for auctions by AW). I thought it might further "spread the word" to copy the post as a New Post.

Hey guys,

I agree that Ebay has forgotten who made them what they are today, and needs some healthy competetion at least, and a down right "kick in the behind"/taken down a notch or two. The ONLY way this is going to happen is if they start losing market share, and if sellers (and buyers) stand up/STICK TOGETHER and hit them where it hurts. One way to do this is to start supporting other sites and let Ebay know that you are doing so, and why. knows that Ebay has made many people (sellers) angry, and is not treating their sellers as they should. Another site that will be getting some of my business is I encourage everyone to check them out, and read the "About us" page while there. What will stand out immediately to any seller is that you pay only $8 per month, and NO Final Value Fees !!! That's right... NO FV Fees. Regardless of how many auctions you list, or relist, you only pay $8 per month. They also have an auction format that keeps the auction going if a bid is placed in the last couple of minutes of an auction and this prevents sniping (so a buyer with an interested pair of sellers will get a better selling price too!) They also encourage you to link to your own website, and allow direct emailing outside of their site to contact other members. They have many other awesome features, and are aiming directly at the things that make Ebay difficult and annoying to do business with. Sites like this and overstock need to have customers to survive though. If buyers and sellers do not show, they will not survive. I encourage anyone who is tired of the way Ebay has forgotten those who made them the online auction powerhouse that they are today to check out and start doing some of your business there. And, be sure to "spread the word" to others, AND, let Ebay know that you are doing it!!

P.S. I DO NOT work for or have any vested interest in

02/20/05 05:44 AM
Re: Check out this new Auction site new [re: WiseOldTroll]  

After long years of doing eBay I have to admit I have had it with them for some time now. Finding a substitute is not so easy and I do not find very convincing to be honest. however seems a nice site with much potential but the question is will it attract customers from many countries ?!
Browsing throught them didn't reveal much activity....
Also I couldn't find any information for non-US sellers but i assume it isn't a problem with them. $8 per month with no final value fees is very reasonable to start with.
Any experiences/information with are welcome !

Thanks for the info !

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