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07/23/06 06:02 PM
Made it to 10,000  

Hi, All,

I am so excited. My eBay feedback FINALLY hit 10,000 today. Can you believe it!! I am having a party this week for my staff. They work very hard. But if it was not for Auction Wizard 2000, there would be no way in the world all of my staff working 10 hours a day, could keep the operation running efficiently and smooth. Never mind managing Inventory and Auctions.

Buyers email us back every single week, totally impressed with my staff's professional replies (AW2K email templates :o), that we have remembered their name even though it has been months since they have purchased something from us (AW2K "remembers" user id and email addresses auto filling buyer information for me). Buyers love it they can email back on a shipping notice order more of an item and we can create an Invoice for them. Or add additional Inventory Items to their invoices.

So a big hearty THANK YOU to Auction Wizard. You all are great!


(stranger )
07/24/06 01:03 PM
Re: Made it to 10,000 new [re: bluepennylady]  

Hip Hip Horray - Congratulations - Balloons falling - fireworks - fizzy drinks being served - Confetti covering everything - and a pat on the back to you and your staff. 10,000 is an accomplishment worth celebrating and one that is difficult to get to. I'm really happy for you and your staff. Keep on with the good work.


08/02/06 02:02 PM
Re: Made it to 10,000 new [re: AquilaStamps]  

Hi, Garry,

Well had our Celebration Lunch party today. Complete with party plates, napkins, fizzy drinks (Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper for me and Pepsi). No confetti, Don't want to try to pick it all up. And enough Pizza for a small army and lots of desserts. My staff LIKES to eat. I think they like the desserts the best.

My staff is pretty excited. The retail staff even made an announcement to the customers over the paging system and put a sign on the front doors. All in all, we had a fine day!!!


(stranger )
08/06/06 10:32 PM
Re: Made it to 10,000 new [re: bluepennylady]  

Congratulations Judy!
It sure is inspiring to hear about others doing so well, and with the help of AuctionWizard!
Thanks again for all of your great advice,


08/07/06 06:15 AM
Re: Made it to 10,000 new [re: cherishaloha]  


Thanks! I am glad to hear from you. I was just wondering how you and the family were doing!! Hope all is going well.


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