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(stranger )
09/16/06 09:24 AM

Just some suggestions / items that would are important to us.

1. Full HTML templates. We've managed to make the existing template system work, but being able to use just HTML w/ database field insert would be considerably more powerful.

2. Support for Second Chance Offers. This is typically a big part of our business. Direct support would be an enormous time saver.

3. Support for inserting images that are already on another server. Many of the products we sell are overstocks for our client. Being able to just reference an existing image (like the gallery image works) for EVERY image would be an enormous improvement. Right now we "fake" it by putting the path into our HTML template and the image name in User1/User2.

4. HTML email. Enough said.

5. Ability to join (stock) inventory items into a single Auction Lot. Having a concrete way to track the inventory items (including demand) when building bundles / kits would be very powerful.

Overall, AW2000 is the best desktop / network we've tried (and we've tried them all). If it is possible, we might be interested in paying additional development fees to see some of these items get developed.

09/16/06 03:20 PM
Re: Suggestsion new [re: tvalley]  


Welcome! AW2000 is indeed a very powerful tool!! And I am glad you have given it a whirl.

In answer to some of your suggestions.

HTML email is on the suggestion list. And will be looked at down the road.But I don't know when.

The ability to add Inventory Items onto a single Auction lot does exist. I use it frequently. But not Stock Inventory Items. If I wish to bundle Stock Inventory Items, I will duplicate the Stock Inventory Item and not select the "Stock" field. The create an Auction lot, go to the Inventory Tab on the Auction lot and start adding Inventory Items. You can track how many of a product you sell using Reports. You will need to customize the report to better fit your needs. You might try looking at the Reports, if you have not already.

You can create listing in HTML complete with image tags. However you cannot use any of the existing AW2K templates at the same time. There are advantages and disadvantages to using HTML in the description and not using an AW2K listing template. Did you find the ability to add Page Components when editing the Listing template?

Thanks for your suggestions and for taking the time to post them. The HTML templates is on the suggestion list. But I don't know when it will be implemented.

If you find you need help, please don't hesitate to ask.


09/16/06 03:54 PM
Re: Suggestsion new [re: bluepennylady]  

Not trying to put words in tvalley's mouth, but on his #1 suggestion, I think I know what he means.

I use a lot of templates, and make full use of the page components. I also appreciate that there are a wide variety of fields I CAN use in my "mostly" html template.

I think what he means is to have the ability to completely turn off the "page properties" and "page body" sections and create them manually in an html component that allows some currently missing tags such as:

- Description
- Images (#1, #2, etc)
- Shipping (ALL options - not just the first one)

If we could do that, we could create a completely custom template that didn't work within any confines.

Oh...and external pics really are a must. I've had my own webstore for nearly 4 years, and it uses the same exact pics I use in my ebay auctions. Because of aw2k's internal naming and storage scheme, I have to keep a seperate ftp space for my auction pics. I like the way it handles pics - but to have the option of just linking to existing pics (just like we have the "gallery image url" option), would be a real space saver in both ftp space as well as database space.

On that same subject, a "preview" button for the gallery image url (even if all it did was open an html window with the pic), would be VERY useful so I can verify that I got the URL right. If Thom ever added this ability to pics in general, the same preview would be useful.


09/16/06 06:04 PM
Re: Suggestsion new [re: Tradeguy]  


I understand what you are saying. And I agree the ability to use HTML listing templates would be very nice.

There is a handy dandy Preview button now on the Lister window in the API beta version. Hit the Preview button and you see not only what the listing will look like on eBay but you can also verify the image is uploaded. Which I realize isn't what you are talking about but it is a real nice new feature.

The API version will allow for all sorts of new goodies that previously were not possible. So hang on and keep sending in those suggestions. I bet that programming man is working his fingers to the bone.


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