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(stranger )
12/12/02 05:43 PM

I've installed the latest build on a new XP Workstation and am getting an error message upon boot up.
Program will not come up and sends an error report back to Microsoft. I have emailed support 3 times. Please advise.

(Auction Wizard Team)
12/16/02 10:16 AM
Re: XP new [re: 247bids]  

If technical support received an email from you, they would have responded to it. Resolving this problem will require troubleshooting, so you need to contact technical support via email. The email address is:

-- The Auction Wizard Team

12/26/02 10:07 AM
Re: XP new [re: 247bids]  

Had almost the same problem once, try rebuilding your database from AW2000 directory, it worked for me. Good Luck.

05/03/03 04:52 PM
Error Message new [re: 247bids]  

What was the solution to this problem? I'm having the same difficulty.

I accidentally shut down my computer while in AW2000 and now when I try to go back in I keep getting a Microsoft error message, and it won't let me by pass it and open the program.

I have emailed AW about this...

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