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12/22/02 08:16 PM
space on hard drive  

The hard drive c is now full and I remember seeing in the instructions that a certain aspect of AW uses a lot of drive space. I can not remember where I saw it or what to do about it. I do the dics clean up and defrag. I had lots of space before I started using AW. Thanks for any advice.

(Auction Wizard Team)
12/24/02 12:43 PM
Re: space on hard drive new [re: Anonymous]  

The normal method of shrinking the size of the Auction Wizard 2000 database involves deleting unneeded images and email message from the database, then rebuilding the database. If you have the Purge and Archive utility installed, that can be used instead. However, either of these methods will fail if you are already low on disk space.

Please contact technical support at They may be able to work out a solution to this dilemma.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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