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07/09/08 07:45 PM
The Unthinkable happened  

Hi, All,

Well, it finally happened. The unthinkable that no one wants to even begin to consider... my server crashed... That is the worse feeling in the world to look at the black POST screen with a system boot disk failure and then "detecting raid array" and nothing detects...

But the good thing, I had backup disks... A DVD of the entire AW2000 folder from just a few days before so all my current settings could be preserved. And a backup from just a few hours prior to the crash. Only had to import 56 auctions I had listed and not got onto a backup before it went down...

So whatever you do, make backup's.. Not just back to your computer hard drive but burn a CD or DVD.. Put backup files on an external hard drive. Move another copy across your network to another computer so there is always more than one copy.

The server crashing has got us at work back on the ball of making a full backup at noon like we use to. Everyone is gone for an entire hour to eat anyway so we just run a backup during that timeframe of the morning work.

So BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! Backing up data is a good thing!


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