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01/12/03 10:13 AM
AuctionWizard for Buyers?  

I’m looking for powerful tool for eBay buyers. Features it should have in order of importance to me are:

1) Ability to perform in unattended mode one or more predefined searches and to store the results on my computer. Results must be efficiently stored on my computer because tens of thousands of results are possible in any given two-week period.
2) Ability to rapidly review the results off line and queue up “snipes” for those lots I wish to bid on at the last minute.
3) Ability to automatically leave feedback using up to 10 predefined feedback messages or a custom feedback message.
4) Maintain a history of my purchases tracking seller (including name and address), auction dates, payment method and date, and date goods received.

Presently, the only software (I’m aware of) that even comes close is called timeBlaster for eBay. It searches pretty well, but performs horribly. It literally destroys a FAT32 when it creates 3 or 4 files each for tens of thousands of results (a result is an ebay auction id number). I used it for a month, watched its performance degrade as the FAT32 increased in size. Finally, I removed it from my system and re-formatted the partition where its FAT32 had been. I also tried it on Windows 2000 Pro using NTFS. The first day went well, second day the program (written in Java) got into a permanent loop “updating software”. The problem did not go away after numerous restarts and attempts to correct. I removed it from that system, too. I am of the opinion that timeBlaster for eBay is a good idea, but not implemented in an industrial strength manner.

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