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01/22/03 03:26 PM
Wish List-Merge Invoice Button  

It would be so convenient to have a merge invoice button right on top of the the invoice window instead of having to go up to top and click Invoice, Merge Invoice. I need to do this for every auction - hundreds every week - this would sure save a lot of time. ditto, the queue shipping label - a close button would be terrific. Keep up the good work - thes program is fantastic!!!

(Auction Wizard Team)
01/23/03 11:25 AM
Re: Wish List-Merge Invoice Button new [re: chada32]  

Your suggestion has been added to our suggestion list. Please contact technical support via email at and describe how you handle your Invoices and why you need to merge so many of them. There may be a better way to handle your Invoices to reduce the number of them that need merged.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
01/28/03 02:19 PM
Re: Wish List-Merge Invoice Button new [re: AuctionWizard]  

I'd second that request. In my case, I offer a shipping discounts on orders within a 5 day range, and about 25% of my orders turn out to be multiple auction and/or store buys, so I frequently need to merge invoices as well.

In fact, when I have a lot of invoices to handle, I sometimes have to check each one for "merge possibilities". A button would make it easier - but it would be even better if there was an option to combine invoices during invoice creation with "any matching open invoices" - that would solve the problem in it's entirety.

Also - a big THANKS to who ever posted the html+template code for the combined paypal purchase link. For some buyers, its a major convenience.

Since the start of 2003, I've processed over 200 invoices and 500+ auction lots - I simply couldn't handle it without AW2K. This is a fantastic program!!


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