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03/27/02 12:44 PM
Feature Request- Have AW store items I have bought  

Auction Wizard 2000 is a great program to keep track of a user's SELLING activities, but as far as I know, there is no auction assistant software that will keep track of a user's BUYING activities. It would be nice if these two functions were combined into one program that could manage and store ALL of a user's auction activities.
So, my feature request is:

The ability to import and store completed auctions where the user is the BUYER. In other words, a way to keep up with (or import) everything I have BOUGHT (and sold) off ebay.

If a feature such as this were implemented, it should capture the HTML (or at least the item description), the price, shipping fees (if given) and the pictures. The usual task list items could be provided in Auction Wizard 2000 as well, such as "payment sent," "item recieved," "feedback left (to seller)," etc, as well as the email associations to auction lots.

The reasons for requesting this feature are:
I frequently buy and sell on ebay. Sometimes I buy something that I can't use or doesn't live up to my expectations, or I get something at a great price that may sell for more later (such as collectibles). The "my ebay" page is a great service, but it will only keep track of your buying and selling activites for the past 30 days. What can you do if you want to keep up with something you bought a year ago? Or see a list of everything you've bought within the past two years? There's not any great way that I know of to do this. Or, what if I decided to resell something I bought from ebay (or any other online auction)? It would be a great time-saver if I could find the original description and pictures for the item, and the price I paid for it, and possibly be able to use some of this information in a new auction lot without having to create a new auction lot from scratch. If you manage enough auctions that you need to consider the tax consequences of your buying and selling activities, then having a record of what an item was bought for and sold for, and the amount of profit or loss would be very useful at tax time.

Any comments?

(stranger )
04/02/02 09:36 PM
Re: Feature Request- Have AW store items I have bought new [re: 2cool]  


Personally I think AW2000 should stick to be a SELLERS tool and shouldn't implement all kind of BUYERS features.
There are enough other software programs especially for buyers so you could use one of those.
As for being able to keep record of your buyings over a long time; you already can !
Just get the pictures and description of eBay for your buyings and create an Inventroy item of it. Easy done easy go and you can use it whenever you want to list it on eBay, Yahoo or whatever AW2000 supports by that time.

Wheel of Time

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