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(stranger )
11/22/15 07:33 PM
Image Database Could Not Be Created. [re: ]  

I just got the above message, for the first time ever. I go back with AW to at least 2001. I've just read a number of threads on the discussion board regarding this issue, and it doesnt look like it's going to come out very well.

I deal pretty much only in antiques.
I have over 2000 Auctions in AW
Usually 4-6 pictures each.
Resizing by 2x would be a daunting task.
Just saving the photos off to a hard drive would be a daunting task,
and would be of little use, with out the relevant text & data together.
I understand the archive utility dumps the photos...........
That would also be unacceptable, without the photos.

I have previously experimented with exporting csv data to a spreadsheet, but photos don't work well there, and take even more time to embed/resize/etc in a spreadsheet.

I change all my 2-3 year old auctions to auction profiles that I have set up on a numerical basis. Those profiles match my department numbers. That keeps them out of my immediate way. They are still quick to search, and I often do. I found an Orange Crush cooler I sold 14 years ago, in less than 30 seconds the other day.

But without having both the data and the photos together, the alternatives are a pretty pointless way to store what is really valuable information.

Before I pull ALL my hair out, am I missing something? Is there no other way to continue to have both photos, & data.

Thanks for any help!

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