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(stranger )
03/27/04 12:13 PM
Pictures Disappeared from backup  

I backed up my AW database so I could restore my computer. When I restored AW and the backup database, it lists my image under the lot but no image is visable. It in effect, erased my images from the db but still has them listed. They are still on my computer in its same old location but just not showing up in AW auction lots. Any ideas how to get the image back with the lot without having to "add Image" for every item? I tried restore db & rebuild db but no luck. HELP!!

03/27/04 12:54 PM
Re: Pictures Disappeared from backup new [re: MamasHelpers]  

When you backup you database, there is an option to backup images as well. It sounds like you had it set to not backup images. I don't think there is any way to get them back into AW2K other than manually adding them.

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